Ken Liu


Created by Ken Liu


My name is Ken.

I am a multimedia designer.


I was graduated from the University of Sunderland,UK at 2005

And having the MSc in Electronic Commerce and Internet Computing programme in The University of Hong Kong

Currently, I working in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Beforehead, I also worked at serval companies

Such as HKU, IVE, Miramar Travel and CASA China

Here is some of my previous works

(item 1)Web designs

(item 2)Videos

(item 3)Flash presentations

Web site

(item 1a) Web designs #1 .

Miramar travel : web design

CASA web design

CASA ecard

Printing and 2D Design

Graphic design @ polyu funding research activity 1

Graphic design @ polyu funding research activity 3

PPT design @ polyu e-learning 1

PPT design @ polyu e-learning 2

PPT design @ polyu e-learning 3

Calendar design @ HCE

Calendar design @ HCE

Calendar design @ HCE

Calendar design @ HCE

Sale booklet @ HCE

Sale booklet @ HCE

Logo design @ Anglehelp (

Bulk mails

(item 1b) bulk mails is a kind of Web designs #2 .

HKU bulk mail 1 : ASSK

U-Vision newsletter

Videos #1

(item 2a)PolyU e-learning video works .

E-learning Video production for POLYU RS2050

RS2050 lecture Video sample

Videos #2

(item 2b)HKU video works .

HKU showreels 2012

HKU VC pretape interview

HKU greetings @ year of Dragon!

HKU greetings @ year of Snake !

U-Vision ID #sport

U-Vision ID #football


New campus introduction

Uvision @ basketball

Thai princess @ HKU

the Grant hall with emersion @ HKU

Videos #3

(item 2c)IVE video works .

IVE Video showreels 2009

IVE CNY video 2010

Student interview

Teaching Video : flower making

Department introduction

Flash presentation#1

(item 3a)Miriamar travel sale kit AASD09_55.

Flash presentation#2

(item 3b)CASA tutorial development prototype ibrief_casa.

at last but not least

Reasently most of my works cover video and interactive communication



Thank you

BY Ken Liu